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Tires - Maintenance - Repairs - Accessories

We are your Tesla Service Center Alternative. We perform Tesla repairs, maintenance, tires, hitches and accessories and more. We dont just work on Tesls's we own them and drive them as well so we are familiar with them We have worked on many Tesla's. We do aftermarket wheel upgrades, tires, brakes,  yearly maintenance, filters, suspension upgrades, power frunk and trunk , door handles, interior upgrades, interior & exterior lighting accessories and more. We are a preferred Unplugged Performance, EVOffer (TeslaOffer) and Hannshow accessories installer for power trunk and frunks, auto present door handles, soft close, and more.

If want to upgrade your Tesla then we at Jarvis Automotive will be more than happy to go over the options and prices. If you have any Tesla related questions please feel free to reach out to us for we are here to help.

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