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Fix it Forward>>>>>

Fix it Forward>>>>> is an annual program at Jarvis Automotive that runs from December 1st - 25th. It was created as a way for us to give back to our community and to help families that have fallen on hard times. We all depend on our vehicles to get us to work, pick up our children, make it to appointments, or go to the grocery store. When a family is without a working car, it can set them back in so many aspects of daily life and force them to rely on undependable or costly methods. The Fix it Forward>>>>> program helps a family who has a vehicle in need of repair, but doesn't have the means to fix it. The vehicle might be unsafe to drive, not running properly, or unable to pass the CT state emission inspection. The family receives up to $1500 in vehicle repairs, with service courtesy of Jarvis Automotive LLC and the parts supplied by Napa Auto Parts of South Windsor.

To be considered for the program, please fill out the form below. The ideal family candidates will outline their situation and detail how having a working vehicle would help get them back on their feet and moving in the right direction.

The program rules are as follows:

  • Must have a vehicle registered in their name.
  • Must complete the form below and include all contact information in the message section. A friend or family member can submit on someone's behalf.
  • Entries can NOT be made in person at Jarvis Automotive, on the phone, or on social media pages.
  • $1500 in repair allowance is valid only at Jarvis Automotive LLC located at 856 Sullivan Ave. South Windsor, CT 06074. The repair credit includes all parts, labor, state taxes, and fees. The entire $1500 can be used and if it is not used then the balance of the credit will go unused and be forfeited by the end user.
  • Repairs can only be mechanical such as brakes, suspension, tires, engine and transmission issues, exhaust problems, emissions related, etc. Any major mechanical repairs exceeding the replacement cost of the vehicle or body repairs such as collision damage, major rust and rot, and any other cosmetic issue that render the vehicle unsafe will not be considered. A vehicle inspection is required prior to repairs.
  • The winner will be chosen by a panel of volunteers who will review all applications. The panel will be looking for an applicant that has shown that they will benefit the most from this program based on their descriptions of the hardship and explanation of why this program will help them.



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