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  We Care About Cars and the People Who Drive Them

 We work on all makes and models Foreign & Domestic. We have the diagnostic equipment to quickly and effectively find the problems to get you back on the road quickly and safely.  Avoid the high cost at the dealer without sacrificing the convience and quality of our service. Comfortable and clean waiting area, free loaner vehicles, free local shuttle service, free coffee, wifi, and device charging station

 Monday - Friday

 7:30am - 5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday


 I can offer you my expertise on wether to repair or replace a vehicle. I'll give you an honest assesment of your vehicles current condition and make recommendations as to  either repair or replace the vehicle depending on costs to keep the vehicle safe based on vehicles current value. If it's time to replace vehicle I have the ability to purchase a specific make and model car at a price point you can afford. If you are in need of a vechicle for a teen or just a replacement vehicle I can save you money by removing the middleman. I make sure all cars I purchase are thoroughly inspected and verify carfax and title is clean. I also offer customers to accompany me to the auction so they can be a part of the process if they so choose. I charge a small fee and save you typically thousands of dollars from Used Car / Dealer prices. I also offer free warranties with all vehicle purchases so you have piece of mind with no regrets.


We at Jarvis Automotive believe in the old fashion auto repair business service. Old Fashion service when people had names and faces not just numbers. Back when their vehicles were a means of reliable transportation and not a paycheck. Cars are more complicated today but the repair process does not need to be. We believe in educating customers on the latest repairs necessary to keep their vehicle's manufacturer's warranty in effect without sacrificing costs and quality. We offer a 2yr/ 24,000 mile warranty on all repairs. I grew up when the automotive repair shop knew your name, your family, and had an personal investment in you. They cared more about you than the repair bill. I care more about people than what the bill amount is. We care about cars and the people who drive them. We treat you like family so you can rest assured in knowing your are being treated with the utmost in honesty, quality, and service.

856 Sullivan Ave. South Windsor, CT 06074

(860) 644-3333

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